About us

Elcomplus is a global IT company with expertise in professional radio communications, industrial automation and digitalization.

The company develops software and hardware, and implements complex system integration projects.

Elcomplus is one of the export leaders among innovative businesses of Russia according to the Russian Export Center. We have been operating in the IT market for over 27 years and exported our solutions worldwide for 12 years. Our global reach expands over 80+ countries, our partner network brings together more than 200 Russian and international companies.

Elcomplus offices are located in Tomsk, Moscow, and Irkutsk. The team of engineers and consultants supports our products 24/5 worldwide in Russian, English, and Spanish.

Our mission

Technology and intelligence are our tools to create groundbreaking digital communication and automation solutions. We assist companies around the world in saving resources, time, and public health.

Solutions by Elcomplus are embraced by power companies, airports, hotels, private security providers, emergency response services, public safety systems, schools and universities, refineries and oil fields, coal mines, resorts, ambulances, athletic stadiums, and other facilities.

More than 2,000 businesses around the world use our products, including United Nations (World Food Program), Google, Facebook, Shell, Uber, Samsung, General Motors, eBay, Spanish Red Cross, FIFA World CUP (Brazil, Russia), etc. Top Russian customers include Rosseti, Lukoil, Gazprom, SIBUR, Rosneft, SUEK, etc.

Our solutions create opportunities to safely and efficiently transport freights and passengers, produce oil and gas, ensure security and order, and save lives.