Elcomplus releases SmartICS 2.3: Reporting Module, more adaptive layout and new widgets

March 2022
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Elcomplus introduces an updated version of SmartICS, SCADA/IoT software platform for industrial automation, telemetry, monitoring, BMS and IoT systems. In Release 2.3 we added the Reporting Module, configured our platform compatibility with different versions of Linux, and added tools for fine-tuning and visualization of the user interface.

More details about Release 2.3 you can find on the product website. SmartICS 2.3 is already available for download on request.

1. SmartICS Reporting Module and data analysis

In SmartICS 2.3 we embedded the Reporting Module for creating analytical and statistical reports based on the collected data from the system and connected third-party databases.  Just log in to SmartICS to generate, edit and view reports.

Using SmartICS Reporting Module you can create analytical reports to calculate indicators, know equipment status, detect excessive energy consumption or trends in emergencies, and reduce costs. SmartICS Reporting Module includes 2 standard templates. When purchasing SmartICS, it is available for free for 1 year.

Learn how to start SmartICS and get more information on our YouTube channel.

2. Linux and cross-platform

For our users, we have added SmartICS compatibility with Linux: use the operating system that meets your requirements, increase work efficiency and maintain system security.

SmartICS is compatible with 64-bit Linux versions such as Alpine, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Astra Linux, Alt Linux, Fedora and more. We recommend using the DBMS PostgreSQL if you work on Linux.

You can find more information about SmartICS characteristics and other features on the product website.

3. More flexible functionality for creating and customizing the interface

We continue to improve the functionality for our users, so we made SmartICS more adaptive and added several functions and tools that will help you create convenient dashboards and customize mnemonic diagrams:

  • Place cards and widgets randomly or in groups, automatically or manually
  • Set your own size for each widget
  • Add objects and place accents on the mnemonic diagram using a polyline and polygon widgets
  • Embed required text notes
  • Control objects through one or two commands button
  • Switch between different dashboards using the navigation button
  • Control and set the required indicators of temperature, pressure, voltage
  • Use familiar hotkeys to move widgets and customize SmartICS interface

4. Enhance security with an easy TLS certificate installation

At the SmartICS level, system security is reliably ensured through the operation within the local network, login authorization and delimitation of access rights. In SmartICS 2.3, we have simplified the process of the TLS security protocol installation and added even more opportunities to protect the system.

SmartICS is used for industrial automation (SCADA, Telemetry, Industrial Control Systems), building management systems (BMS), industrial Internet of things (IIoT), and manufacturing digitalization (Smart Factory).

You can find out more information about SmartICS software platform on our product page. Or request SmartICS 2.3 DEMO right now, it is already available.

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