Elcomplus and ROSSMA have created an energy independent telemetry solution

December 2021
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Universal and flexible SCADA/IIoT software platform developed on the basis of modern web technologies


Standalone wireless controllers for remote data collection and equipment management

The project for a natural gas producer in the Russian North

Solution for gas producers based on SmartICS SCADA/IIoT Platform and ROSSMA IoT controllers

Elcomplus and ROSSMA have created a solution for remote equipment control. The solution is applicable for the remote premises equipment with limited electricity supply or without access to electricity. The monitoring system based on ROSSMA controllers and SmartICS SCADA/IIoT software platform works with no external power supply and is resistant to extreme temperature conditions (-55°С…+85°). With this solution, the gas producer can collect the most accurate data and provide a quick response to any deviation.



One of the Russian gas producers based in the Russian North (Sakha Region) had a need for the technical solution for the remote well performance monitoring. Elcomplus and ROSSMA have conducted technical research and delivered a mutual project. The solution based on the independent power supply scheme replies to all client needs. Environmental testing proved solution durability and operational safety in a wide variety of operating conditions.



• t,°С: -55…+85


• up to -60°С


The system is based on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) design. It can either work on the LoraWan technology or NB-IoT standard (provided by a mobile network). The upper layer of the system consists of SmartICS Web, the lower layer contains ROSSMA IoT controllers.

SmartICS collects and processes controllers data, generates trends, reports and logs. The Web Platform uses contextual analysis to visualize data. It means that the decisions taken would be really correct and accurate.

The user-friendly SmartICS interface provides data in the most convenient way, making the dispatcher work easier. The interface can be configured in accordance with the dispatcher’s needs. All you need to do is just put the most important and real-time info on the main screen.

“Being an official ROSSMA partner, we have provided the equipment that fits the most severe conditions. On the SmartICS part, we have integrated the Web platform that was designed for the maximum efficiency of the system and reaching great operational results”

Denis Romanenko
Head of SCADA/IIoT Division


Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology was chosen as the base for data transfer. The solution works using NB-IoT networks, though, LoraWAN networks are applicable as well.

Possible solution maps are provided below.


Fig. 1. NB-IoT based solution map

Fig. 2. LoraWAN based solution map

The client can access well operational data via any popular web-browser, connecting to the SmartICS Web platform. These data can easily be transferred to other SCADA, if it needs to appear at the existing SCADA interface.

Every SmartICS user can configure the desktop interface, and it will not affect other users. The operator can easily anchor a new object signal to the system, and make it appear on the main desktop, only using the standard form libraries.



With the Elcomplus and ROSSMA co-developed solution, the reliable all-purpose solution was developed:

  • for better production parameter control
  • for well performance data control in the electricity-limited areas

SmartICS monitoring system provides the following opportunities:

  • controllers-received data analysis
  • fast production process information access both for the operators and managers
  • Web access: wherever the user is, they can control the data and provide a fast response

Additionally, wireless field solution saves companies resources, as no power supply line, cable racks/trays and other infrastructure is needed.


ROSSMA is IoT/IIoT equipment and software developer. Company solutions are implemented in manufacturing, energy, utilities and logistics.

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