Universal and flexible SCADA/IIoT software platform for united system monitoring and control. Easy start: training takes less than 3 days. User-friendly interface and smart configuration: no specific skills are needed to start working with the solution.

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Why SmartICS?

  • Reduce the time spent on installation and configuration by 3-4 times compared to classic SCADA software.

  • Cost-effective solution:  the price depends not on the number of connected tags, but on the units interrogated.

  • Building automation and digitalization systems with no code needed. Use widgets or classic visual process graphics: make it as convenient as you wish.

  • Automatic binding device tags to widgets

  • Easy scalable system and configuration: no professional help needed.

  • Emergencies reduction due to several interface color schemes, including the night one, following the concept of situational awareness. When the system gets the critical notification or detects a deviation, the widgets become brighter

  • DMR networks support, proprietary data transfer protocol

  • Saving operation time and enhancing efficiency

  • Dispatch system and other industrial systems integration to create the united communication + telemetry solution.


SmartICS Features



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